Annual CLE Course Materials


  1. Agenda

  2. Recent Developments in Military Criminal Law

    1. MAJ Venghaus PPT

  3. U.S. Army Special Victims Counsel Program

    1. CPT Jack PPT

    2. CPT Jack Bio

  4. U.S. Army Special Victim Prosecution Program

    1. MAJ Venghaus PPT (Special Victim Prosecutor)

    2. MAJ Venghaus Bio

  5. Texas Code of Military Justice Update

    1. CPT Michael R. Parker and James Gibbs PPT (Bios within)

  6. How Can You Help? A Profile of Texas' Low-Income Veterans

    1. LegalClinicCalendar

    2. Andrew Lehmann PPT

    3. Andrew Lehmann Bio

  7. Updates, Changes, and Trends in Veterans Law

  8. Texas Benefits outside the VA for Veterans & Survivors; VA Special Monthly Compensation and Aid & Attendance; Military Survivor Benefits Update

    1. Certification of SNT

    2. Heart Act

    3. Benefits outside VA, Bob Goss PPT

    4. Updates, Changes, and Trends in Veterans Law, Bob Goss PPT

    5. Letter to DFAS - SBP Reassignment of Benefits

    6. OSD Memo - Enabling Payment of SBP to SNT

    7. Col. Rick Rousseau PPT

    8. Col. Rick Rousseau Bio

    9. TSGLI Info Paper

    10. TSGLI Schedule of Losses

    11. Disabled Military Child Protection Act

  9. Military Retirement and Divorce

    1. Jim Higdon PPT

  10. Updates, Changes, and Hot Topics in Legal Assistance

    1. Christina Gindratt PPT

    2. Christina Gindratt Bio

  11. Sexual Assault Cases in the Military: Defense Counsel Perspectives and Issues

    1. Patrick J. McLain Document